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        Submit a Project


        popoffices.com is the professional platform of office design. If you are an architecture studio, interior designer, landscaper, or even a student with a great portfolio, popoffices is the perfect platform to showcase your work to an affluent architectural audience.


        1. 與辦公相關的室內設計、建筑設計、景觀設計,以及市政文化建筑和教育類建筑;
        2. 項目名稱,設計師/設計公司,公司網站;
        3. 項目所在地(國家,城市);
        4. 如果可以請注明更多項目信息,如:項目攝影、項目施工、主材料供應商(辦公家具、地毯、特殊墻面與吊頂)等;
        5. 每個項目提供最少不低于八張高分辨率的照片、效果圖或平立剖圖中国彩吧;
        6. 100——300字的項目介紹(中英文都有更好),讓讀者更深入了解設計創意。


        Project requirements

        Please provide the following information when submitting a project:

        1. Project about office interior design,office building,office landscape,social culture building and educational building.
        2. Provide the name and website of the author/studio.
        3. Location of the project (city and country).
        4. If applicable, other credits e.g. photographer, contractor,main material provider(office furniture,carpet,ceiling) etc.
        5. A minimum of eight high-resolution photographs, renders and/or plans, and sections, elevations.
        6. A 100-300 words description of the project. Our readers consider descriptions to be important,consequently poorly written descriptions will not get the project published.

        Please follow the above guidelines if you want the project published. If the project is accepted, we will let you know the date and time of publication. Finally, a big thank you from popoffices!


        popoffices 特別歡迎正在學習建筑與設計的學生踴躍投稿。將您的創意作品或正參與的項目按照上述準則上傳至我們的郵箱,我們將特別發表在學生專欄區。非常感謝!

        Student projects

        popoffices welcomes submissions from architecture and design students who would like to see their work published. When submitting your project simply include the institution you are currently attending, together with the above project requirements, and your project will get published in the Student Corner section.

        請將上傳項目發至以下郵箱:Send your project to the following address: